Rules and Guidelines

Studio Forum Rules - Applies to all Forums


The CreatorCo Administration can alter these Guidelines at any time they would like. If it should occur, a message should be posted on the forums stating that a change in Guideline has happened and the update will be posted as well.


Rules have been influenced by the following website:




We here at CreatorCo do not tolerate any insults or personal attacks. Any personal remarks about another member of the Studio Forum - in the perception of a moderator or admin - that could be viewed as an intentional insult in the context of the discussion will be subject to violation. We also do not tolerate rude comments that are made in any forum. We would like to keep a positive vibe on here, and we want to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy. If a moderator or admin thinks that your comment or post can hurt others or is an issue, they have the right to remove it. If you think otherwise, please use the chat feature and contact the administration.

These rules do not only stretch to individual members, but to groups themselves. Any insult towards a group of people will be considered an infraction to the rules. If you need an example of this please contact us for the chat feature.




In the perception of a moderator or administrator, any posts or images that are intended to cause emotional responses or personal attacks from other members will be considered flame bating. If you need more clarification on what flame bating is please look here:




Stalking or harassing other members is forbidden, whether in the public forums, through PMs, or in social groups or albums. If you don't like someone, leave them alone or put them on ignoring. Any attempts to bait or taunt another poster will be considered infractions, including posters who are banned from the forum or banned from a thread, and thus unable to reply. This includes quoting other members in your signature without permission or mischaracterizing their statements by quoting them and changing the quotes. Disclosing personal or confidential information about other posters or staff - including but not limited to personal identities - or disclosing confidential communications may be considered harassment.




If you don't want to discuss the topic, stay out of the thread. Posts that are, in the judgment of moderators or administrators, intended to disrupt a discussion rather than actually contribute to it will be considered trolling.




Any post that expresses a direct, indirect, or veiled threat to anyone - whether it be another member, some other individual, or a group in general - or an incitement to violence will be dealt with severely, may result in an immediate permanent banning, and may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This includes (but is not limited to) what are known as "indirect threats," such as (for example) wishing that public officials or police officers come to harm, or expressing a desire for armed insurrection against the government.




Any post or image that is - in the judgment of a moderator or administrator - a slur against any such group will be subject to the infraction.




Moderators, Advisors, and Greeters are volunteers who work very hard and make a number of personal sacrifices to make the community as welcoming as possible. They may not always be right because they're human - but they will always act in good faith and with the best of intentions, and this forum would not be possible without their efforts. When they're posting on the forums, feel free to debate and argue with them just as you would any other poster, but attacking or calling out a staff member who is acting in their official capacity is against the rules.


We welcome constructive criticism or complaints, but the public forums are not an appropriate venue for criticizing the staff, administration, or ownership of the site. If you have questions about a specific moderator decision, feel free to send a PM to that moderator, an administrator, or the site owner. Or, alternatively, members can always start threads in the Feedback forum to ask the entire staff questions about specific moderator actions or general questions about forum rules. Please be aware that the rules prohibiting personal attacks against staff also apply in the Feedback and Disputing Banning Resolutions forums.




Any posts, signatures, or images that are considered obscene or profane are forbidden, as well as any links to any such material. This includes (but is not limited to) profane language, nudity, and pornographic or excessively graphic images. Keep in mind that profanity in a relatively obscure language is still profanity. We'll allow as much latitude as we reasonably can for images or quotes that are directly related to a legitimate event, but if in doubt, you might want to check with a moderator before posting. This website employs a filter to block out banned language, and any attempt to circumvent that filter (including the use of asterisks) will be considered an infraction of this rule.




Avatars and profile pictures are governed by the same rules regarding other content - images that are obscene, insulting to any individual or group as defined in Rules # 6 or 9, or violate Rules # 2, 3, 5, or 8, are not allowed and are subject to an infraction.




No commercial advertising is permitted anywhere on the forum - links in posts must be relevant to the discussion, and must not be intended simply to direct members to another website. Quotes, links, and images should be used to support a member's opinion, not to replace it - all posts containing them should also contain the poster's own comments as to their relevance. All quotes from other sources must be given appropriate credit, preferably with a link to the original article - long articles should be quoted from and/or summarized, not quoted in their entirety. Content copied from other sources must meet "fair use" guidelines, and violations of copyright will be deleted and subject to an infraction. When quoting other posters, we ask that you use the site's "quote" function, so that other members can backtrack the conversation if they wish.

Linking to websites that require user registration is discouraged, but where it cannot be avoided notice should be given that that is the case. No links should involve any sites or material that are illegal or pornographic, and warnings should be posted with any links to material that might be considered 'graphic' or 'offensive' (and such links should only be posted when strictly relevant to the discussion).



Moderators Rules


The rules below state what an admin can and can not do on the forum.


  1. Moderators enforce the rules of the forum in order to maintain a friendly, social environment.

  2. Moderators can delete a post where they see any signs of offensive language, racial discrimination, threats, adult content, insult(s), personal attacks, and any LGBTQ harassment.

  3. Moderators can block a user from the forum for 24 hours if they see the user using offensive language, racial discrimination, threats, adult content, insult(s), personal attacks, and any LGBTQ harassment in their post.