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We're all part of a community, whether we realize it or not. We all have people in our lives that we like to talk to, laugh with, share ideas and personal stories with. And these wonderful relationships that we are all building... those are the relationships that build who we are, and what we believe in. The only flaw in the small closed community of people that we engage with and talk to is that we are totally enclosing ourselves from everything around us. Making us dull, and completely oblivious to what others think. The idea of sonber (yes, sonber), defined as the understanding that everyone has their own life story that we will never experience. That's the driving force behind the new type of community that we are trying to create. A way for everyone to open a piece of their life, create an internet footprint, and not be covered by ads and fake posts. 

Life will forever be changing, and turning; and in return, we will forever be creating to catch up. But on our new platform, Studio, we don't want anyone to feel the need to catch up to the ever-changing world. We want you to allow yourself to recap, understand, and indulge in our conversation in the busy crazy life we have. The best thing about this new community is that it is growing. But the whole idea of growth isn't projected. We have no clue where it is going to go or develop to. When signing up for Studio or logging into it, you have to understand that you aren't accessing a social media platform. You are accessing a starting point for questions to be asked, answer, and research. That is the point of Studio. But make it be you, show you, create you, cause who are you? 

                                                   - Karol Para 


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KAZE Bracelets

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Kaze Bracelets was started as a way to embrace the idea of having a way for everyone to express themselves. With these simple pieces of leather and charms you have so many different opportunities to be you, show you, create you. The beauty is nit within these rocks. It's within you, and the meaning you put in each one. 


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"We know what students want because we are students. Creator.co is really by students, for students." 

CEO Karol Para

We do have a weird Aesthetic

No, this isn't a Children's Website. We have our own aesthetic for you to feel like you really are part of the community... and alsmost as if you walked into a IKEA as well. We love you loads!

- The CreatorCo Team