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Basics of Studio

 Using Studio as a Business/Personal Resume 

Using Studio as a Business/Personal Resume
  • Getting started | Studio is a great tool to have in business, as though it works as almost a portfolio of everything you have done creative wise, allow for anyone who wants to know more about you to see everything you have posted and read/watch/view content you have created.  ​

  • Specific Examples | If you ever want to show off your artwork, fashion line, photography, or writing, you don’t have to make a website, all you have to do is keep up to date and update your content stream to include everything you want it to. Then you can take your profile link and put it in your Twitter Bio, Linkedin, Instagram Bio, and allow for everyone to see everything at the touch of a button!

  • Employers | If you want your employer to see anything you have done and the great skills you have, all you have to do is allow for the employer to look at your CreatorCo profile and they have the ability to see what an amazing and hardworking person you are, having your own brand on Studio and Studio Blogs!

  • Managing your Profile | We recommend reading our tips on managing your profile in order for you to know that it is 100% how you want it to be and how you want the world to see you!

 Managing your Profile 

Managing your Profile
  • Getting Started | After you have signed up, in the upper right-hand corner of Studio you will see an icon. Clicking on that icon you will see a menu. Click on the “My Profile” option.

  • Adding a Profile Photo | Adding a profile photo is a great way for your audience to have an image behind the account you have. To add a profile photo click on the Edit Profile icon next to the number of followers you have. From there hover over to the camera icon on the profile photo. From there on you can choose an image from your camera roll or your computer drive. When you are done click on the confirm to save your changes.

  • Uploading a Cover Image | You cover image could be a picture or something that relates to your account. If you want something professional we recommend using Canva as a way to create your cover image. When you have an image chosen, click on the Upload Cover Image Icon and upload the image you want to be chosen. When you are done click on the confirm icon to save your changes.

  • Changing your Name | Changing your name is a great way for you to have an actual Business Profile. To change your name click on the edit button and type the name you want.

Karol Para Profile.PNG
  • Editing your “About” Section | Right away the first thing you will see is your “About” section. We recommend that you use that space as an area where the viewer can really get to know you. Include something about what you like to do, what are some main things you post on Studio if you have a blog write what it is about, and some social media links for your followers to find you elsewhere.


Just so you can get a better understanding of how members have done there profiles, we decided to insert a demo "About Section" for you to go off of. 

 Managing Notifications 

Managing Notifications
  • Getting Started | Notifications to allow you to know when someone likes your post/blog/comment, comments something on your blog/post, someone you follow posts or when there is an update to a specific thread you are following or general updates that happen to Studio.

  • Editing your Notifications | To edit your notifications click on your icon in the upper right-hand corner of Studio, and select the “Settings” option in the drop-down menu. Then you will be taken to the Forum Notifications which is where you can toggle on and off what notifications you would like to receive and what notifications you would like to not appear.

  • Seeing your Notifications | You are able to see your notifications by clicking on the bell icon next to you your icon in the upper right-hand corner. You also can see your notifications in your email, making them available across all platforms.


Reporting Members/Posts/Blogs 

Managing Members
  • Getting Started |  When you see something, whether on Studio or on Studio Blogs, and you feel that it is inappropriate or in general, is something that CreatorCo should be aware of we ask that you please report it. When you report something it automatically goes to one of our moderators and is later revised by the Chief Executive Assessor and a final verdict is made.

  • How to report a member | To report a member click on the member's profile, and then click on the 3 vertical dots next to the “Follow” or “Following” Button. Then you will see an option of “Report Member” pop up. Click on that and the member will be reported.

  • How to report a post | To report a post click on the post, and then click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. Then move your cursor over to the “Report Post” option. The post will automatically be reported.

  • How to report a blog post | To report a blog click on the blog, and then click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. Then move your cursor over to the “Report Blog” option. The blog will automatically be reported.

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