Creating is the only way that we move forward. But to create you must have an idea. And sometimes it's hard to get those creative juices flowing, so we decided to have a resource dedicated twords topics and quotes you can post on Studio!

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Things to Photograph

  • Yourself

  • Someone Else

  • A smile

  • A culture

  • An animal at the most vulnerable of times

  • A passion

  • A sneeze (Don't get sick)

  • Happiness

  • Love

  • Confusion

  • Home

  • The spots on blacktop or concrete

  • A city or town

  • Total Chaos 

 About taking a picture...


Taking a picture is not only about the aesthetics or the popularity of the image that is captured. But rather, an image is a story given without context. That is why people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, because of the fact that when you look at an image your brain goes through all the colors, shapes, and small individual characteristics found within that 4x6 shot of the world you took. And that is why a photography means so much more than just clicking a button. It means remembering something that is brought up with love, passion, and affection. ​


Things to Write About

  • How the weather makes you feel?

  • What is/was your goal in life, and are you going to achieve it/have you achieved it?

  • Does pain ever really go away?

  • How have books influenced your life?

  • What do you want from life?

  • We do we numberize our Society? (Numberize is not a word, that is the point…)

  • What is freedom and when do we have it?

  • What does it mean to be human?

  • What would your TED Talk be about?

  • Do you have an alter Ego?

Things to Draw and Paint

  • Avocados

  • The Perfect Earth

  • Society

  • Old York

  • Your current mental state

  • Coffee

  • Humans…

  • Brick wall

  • Wood patterns

  • The voice inside your head

Things to Adress

  • Global Warming

  • Immigration 

  • Love for one another 

  • Gender Wage Gap

  • Income inequality

  • Education

  • Cyber Safty

  • Stand up for what you believe in and write about that. 

Things to stare at...

Things to Film 

  • A day in the life of a ant

  • Secret places in my town

  • This is my country because….

  • How you feel in school

  • Types of people on Studio

  • An artist at work

  • Dogs

  • Stop Motion of everything… (GET CREATIVE)

  • Representation of your mood

  • How do numbers make you feel?

Things to do to help

  • Donate old clothing

  • Write about current wars that need more attention

  • Look for news stories that are important but under the radar

  • Provide resources for people who need help creating, like give ideas on what to write or talk about

  • Watch some TED Talks, those are always great

  • Don’t sit on your couch and watch YouTube Videos

  • Watch a Nature Documentary

  • Talk to a elderly person in your family/neighborhood and learn something new from them. Old people are interesting

  • DM someone who you have seen posting more darker and darker things and simply say that if they ever need to talk, they can always come to you and that you are there for them  

  • We have so much amazing content on Studio, go look at that!